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Cabinet Hardware

How to pick the right cabinet hardware, watch as Bryan explains the different types

Have you recently installed new cabinets or just remodeled your existing cabinets? In any case, the hard part is over, and now it's time for your cabinets to get that finishing touch. This is the fun part where you get to give personality to your cabinets and make them come to life. Cabinet hardware has sometimes been called the “Jewelry of the house” and that's the truth. Cabinet hardware can be a great way to add a personal touch, lets take a look and see how it can add a little pizzaz to your space.

If you're working with a piece of cabinetry that has never had hardware before, you've got a clean slate to work with. Un-drilled cabinet door panels present the opportunity to pick your favorite combination of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. If you're replacing existing hardware, take a good look at what's already there. There's a bit of variance in how hardware mounts, some hardware like glass knobs have a screw that passes all the way through the knob and the cabinet and attach with a nut, others attach with a machine screw. Since both methods attach with just one hole you can easily exchange one for the other in very little time. Remember, you can also use pendant pulls or ring pulls in place of knobs for a very classy look. Drawer pulls take a little more thought. There are a number of different types of drawer pulls like bail pulls, cup pulls, bar pulls and finger pulls. You can make a quick change with the least amount of effort if you choose new hardware with the same center to center hole spacing as the old. Center to center is the measurement from the center of one mounting hole to the other. Common measurements are 3”, 3 1/2” and 4 inch hole spacing but it can vary, especially on larger oversized pulls like appliance pulls. For an accurate measurement try measuring the pull while it's still in your cabinet from screw to screw. Drawer pulls, like knobs can mount from the front with nuts and bolts or from behind with machine screws. Some cabinet pulls, like cup pulls, can front mount using wood screws. Use a slotted screw for a more appealing look than the modern phillips head. Not all doors are the same thickness, some are thicker, others thinner. The common thickness is 3/4 inch and the screws that come with the cabinet hardware are 1”. If you find yourself needing longer screws, take the knob down to your local neighborhood hardware store, it's a typical 8-32 thread and will be easy to find. If you've found your perfect kitchen cabinet hardware but your centers are a little off, you can patch, paint and re-drill. Or, choose a drawer pull with a backplate to cover a larger footprint to cover the old drill holes.

What hardware finish is best?

A common question we get is about what finish to use, but there isn't any hard and fast rule. You can always match your hardware to your appliances, light fixtures or your window and door hardware. Or focus on a color that compliments the wood, stone or paint colors used in the room. But if you feel you can't possibly make a decision, pick up some sample pieces until you find the right one for you. Now that you've found your perfect knobs, don't forget the cabinet hinges. Matching your hinge finish to your knobs and pulls can really bring a piece together. These are the finishing touches that can really make your house a home.

Different Types of Cabinet Hardware

There are several types of drawer pulls out there and it can get quite confusing. Here is a brief explanation of each type.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls are commonly found on cabinet drawers and cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen. Popular hole spacings range between 3 to 5 inches. 

Appliance Pulls

Appliance pulls, like the name implies are used on your kitchen appliances. They are also commonly called oversized pulls and work nicely on heavy drawers.

Bail Pulls

Bail pulls are commonly found on dressers. Bail pulls lie flat and swing out from one or two points. 

Bar Pulls

Bar pulls are a common drawer pull that has a bar attached to two mounting points. 

Cup Pulls

Cup pulls are usually C shaped and give you a firm grip. These are great on heavy drawers and dressers. 

Finger Pulls

Finger pulls are small and inconspicuous and can give a very modern or art deco look. 

Flush Pulls

Flush pulls are mounted flush to the drawer or cabinet. A router is usually required for installation. 

Pendant Pulls

Pendant pulls have a drop down piece that lifts up and make a great substitution for cabinet knobs. 

Ring Pulls

Ring pulls have a ring attached and swivel on the back plate, they can resemble old door knockers. 

Cabinet Knobs

 come in many shapes and sizes. They are easy to install and come with a standard 8-32 1" mounting screw. 


Backplates can be found for cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. They are great for covering existing holes or giving your cabinets a more unique look.


At Simply Knobs and Pulls we have a large variety of kitchen cabinet hardware in many different styles and finishes that will enhance and update the look of your kitchen. Depending on your style and the placement of the pulls, you have the option of looking for cup pulls, drawer pulls, bail or bar pulls. Back plates are also available for hiding those unwanted holes or to just dress up your existing cabinet drawers.

Your choice for a cabinet knob is just as varied. You can choose from either round, oval, T knob, glass, ceramic or crystal knobs just to name a few. If the knob is round the diameter of the knob will be the measurement across the center. Otherwise, on the oval or T-knob they will give the length of the knob handle and also the base width, projection and width of the handle.

To find the exact fit for your pull you will measure from the center to center of the screw holes. The projection of the pull is the amount of finger space between the drawer or cabinet and the inside of the pull.

At Simply Knobs and Pulls we use only the best kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers in the business, take time to browse our wide assortment from Amerock, Berenson, Belwith, Century, Jeffrey Alexander, Buck Snort Lodge, Liberty, Schaub and Co, Sierra and Top Knobs.


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