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If you are looking to dress up your kitchen but don’t have the money to spend on new cabinets, refacing or painting, consider replacing your your cabinet’s hardware with new items from Amerock.

With a wide variety of cabinet hardware and finishes available, giving your kitchen a little upgrade may all that’s needed to go from drab to fab. Amerock cabinet hardware is on the cutting edge of design and style with new designs and finishes being introduced regularly. If traditional is more your taste, we offer a wide range of wrought iron, brass or stainless steel finishes to complement your kitchen.

While you’re considering a hardware upgrade, consider adding self closing hinges and pads to keep your kitchen tidy and neat. In addition, magnetic catches and latches can help keep your lower cabinets safe from those marauding toddlers who seem to be able to open anything. You can take this time to replace drawer slides as well.

Dressing up your boring, outdated kitchen can be as simple as deep cleaning your kitchen and adding new hardware from Amerock. With styles, designs and finishes to appeal to everyone, you are sure to find something that strikes a chord. Check out our selection at to find the style that suits you. 


If you're looking for quality, decorative cabinet hardware that's as easy on the eyes as it is the wallet, then Berenson hardware is right for you. 

In business for over forty years, Berenson offers an expansive selection of cabinet hardware in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes.

Berenson specialize in heavier, bolder designs so our hardware is as durable as it is stylish. Their hardware makes a statement, giving your kitchen that extra little something that helps it come together.

With so many different options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your unique style and taste.

Berenson hardware doesn't just look great; it works great too. They honor a long tradition of giving equal parts attention to design, feel, and function without ever compromising on value. And their products show it!

Each and every piece of our hardware is designed with your comfort in mind. So whether you’re six years old or sixty you’ll find our cabinet hardware is easy to use, stands the test of time, and always looks amazing.

We know you’ll find Berenson's winning combination of function, form, and value a perfect fit for you, your kitchen, and your budget.

Buck Snort Lodge

Buck Snort Lodge specializes in manufacturing novelty hardware in various themes. If you are looking for unique cabinet hardware that you can't find in just any hardware store, Buck Snort Lodge has you covered. Buck Snort Lodge offers a variety of hardware designs that include wildlife, knobs for children, fishing, sports, nautical, trees and nature, to name a few.

Century Hardware

Century Hardware is a preeminent supplier of quality cabinet hardware around the world. Their passion for craftsmanship and innovative design has made them one of the most respected cabinet hardware manufacturers today. With nearly two decades of experience in designing and delivering top quality hardware products, they have become one of the most-valued partners with hardware retailers and furniture manufacturers.

Century Hardware offers more than a dozen collections of traditional and modern hardware designs to satisfy the most discriminating of cabinet designers. Each collection has elegant designs offered in an array of finishes to complement modern design trends. Their priority is to provide customers with products and collections made to inspire modern decorative hardware design. The wide array of hardware solutions can transform any existing kitchen or bathroom décor into a modern, elegant style with timeless appeal and durability. Competitive pricing ensures that your kitchen or bath remodel is within reach, even within limited budgets.

Century Hardware has made it a priority to develop lasting customer loyalty by providing the best and most affordable cabinet hardware solution. Their loyalty to your is in the quality craftsmanship of their products and by providing the right style, design and finish for any cabinet design or remodel.


Elements Cabinet Hardware are made of high quality materials that are built to last. They are designed to enhance your home's interior look. If you want great looking cabinet hardware, then you should choose Elements because it is both affordable and dynamic in its design.

The right hardware can be hard to find when you are remodeling your house. You can be overwhelmed by all the choices you have for Cabinet Hardware alone! Luckily, Elements can help you out with your decision. Their hardware designs are amongst the best in the industry. You cannot find better styles, colors, sizes or designs than Elements Cabinet Hardware. You are bound to find something unique that you love out of the many products Elements hardware has to offer.

Think of your cabinet hardware as the finishing touches to your kitchen. It will make your kitchen cabinents stand out or blend in depending on the style you want. No matter what you choose you can be assured that they will hold up against daily use over the years. Once they are installed then they are there to stay! Elements Cabinet Hardware is designed to last.

As long as you have a design in mind, then an Elements Hardware professional can help you find the ideal cabinet handles and hinges. They will help you pick out the best colors and styles. They can even teach you how to install them. You will absolutely love your Elements Hardware products for cabinets. 


Hafele brings German engineering to the cabinet hardware line. Sleek lines and beautiful stainless steel finishes set off these European collections making them the perfect fit for your kitchen and bath remodel. No matter what style, Hafele brings a timeless beauty to your favorite cabinet hardware pieces.

Hickory Hardware

Hickory Hardware, formally known as Belwith Keeler, provides beautiful hand-finished cabinet hardware in a variety of patented finishes and timeless styles. If you are renovating your kitchen completely, or you simply want to update your cabinet hardware for a fresh look, they have the style and finish you are looking for. Hickory Hardware provides only high quality pieces, and the hand assembly can sometimes take as many as twenty different steps. With their hardware, you are getting the best of two worlds, because they combine old-world craftsmanship with advanced metalworking technology.

Their hardware is available in a range of materials, including bronze, brass, glass, stainless steel, antique rose gold, and wooden. Choose from any style, such as appliance pulls, bar pulls, cabinet hinges, pendent pulls, decorative hooks, and ring pulls. Modest budgets will have something to celebrate, because their hardware comes in a wide range of prices which suits budgets of all sizes. Hardware styles are also grouped into collections. This makes it easier to choose a variety of different styles of hardware for your project, while ensuring they will be complementary to each other.

Hickory Hardware is sure to have the cabinet hardware in the finish and style you are looking for. Whether your style is streamlined and contemporary, decorative, or understated, you will find all the hardware to complete your project.

Jeffrey Alexander

Hardware Resources is a fast growing manufacturer who has an extensive line of decorative cabinet hardware, hinges and drawer slides. They strive for continuous improvement, a competitive excellence and leadership and their quality, integrity and reliability are upheld with a strong focus on customer service.

Liberty Hardware

Liberty Hardware's full line of decorative hardware features proprietary designs as well as many standard items. Liberty aims to be on the cutting edge of cabinet hardware innovation.

Lyn Design

Hardware Resources is the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the United States. Our diverse product lines include: decorative cabinet hardware; decorative carved wood products such as corbels, bar brackets, island legs, onlays, columns, and crown moulding; functional cabinet hardware such as hinges, drawer slides, undermount slides, full extension slides, and screws; and furniture style bath vanities.

We believe in quality, integrity, and reliability. We uphold the highest standards of service and responsibility in the industry. The unique focus of Hardware Resources is the customer.

Hardware Resources is the premier manufacturer and importer of cabinet and furniture hardware. We have made a commitment to globally facilitate and revolutionize the concept of functional and decorative hardware in the best interest of our customers. We provide a diverse work team, continuous improvement, and exceptional leadership. Hardware Resources maintains a level of competitive excellence in the industry.

Schaub And Company

When you are shopping for high-end cabinet hardware, Schaub and Company is going to be the first place you will want to visit.

With an amazing selection of high quality cabinet hardware, you should be able to find exactly what you need for your kitchen, bathroom or any other area of your home. Schaub and Company Cabinet Hardware is hand-casted from top grade materials such as iron, bronze and brass. Buying Schaub and Company you will know you are receiving quality gems for the cabinets in your home.

There are many different styles of cabinet hardware to choose from when shopping Schaub and Company Cabinet Hardware. This make is very easy for you to be able to find that perfect fit for the cabinets around your house.

We all know that much care and concern goes into decorating your kitchen cabinets, so take your time shopping all the options that Schaub and Company has to offer. Schaub and Company has the right items that will be the perfect match for your home. 

If you have any questions please be sure to contact [COMPANYNAME] and ask our cabinet hardware specialists for tips and advice. 


The year 2012 marks the 80th anniversary of a remarkable success story. Founded in the middle of the Great Depression Schwinn Hardware has been designing, manufacturing and marketing furniture hardware for eight decades. Throughout this time, Schwinn Hardware has kept a modern focus and remained a reliable partner providing a wide range of services to an ever increasing number of customers around the world.

Schwinn AM is a selection of handles and knobs for furniture that in addition to being well designed and well made offers the added value of built-in product protection, continually inhibiting microbial growth on the surface of the product. Often used but seldom cleaned, handles and knobs are prime targets for microbial growth.

With a focus on shapes and decorative finishes, as well as hygiene, the new Schwinn products cover all areas of innovation most relevant to the customers.

Sierra Lifestyles

Sierra Lifestyles are producers of Outdoor Knobs, Rustic Hardware, Western Hardware, Coastal Hardware, Lodge Hardware, Bear knobs, Moose Knobs and Antler Knobs featuring great details in pewter or sculpted resin. Their collection is the perfect addition for any lodge, cabin, beach house, or country home. 


Sietto is a company that designs and manufactures handmade glass decorative hardware. Our products are simple yet elegant. They possess a classic look that endures over time. We are not interested in fads or trends. Rather, our intent is to create a line of products that will be enjoyed for years to come. Many hours go into the design and development of our product line so we can bring you the very finest in decorative hardware.
The Meaning Behind Our Name

Our knobs and pulls are made in America, but have an Italian air to them. Thus, the word Sietto was created by combining two Italian words - solido and schietto. Solido means solid, and schietto means straightforward. These are the foundations of our business. They are representative not only of our products, but also of the way in which we run our day-to-day operations.

We take great pride in our work, as each product is hand crafted with a tremendous attention to detail in our facility in Chicago, Illinois. We use only the finest materials, taking no shortcuts, in an effort to deliver quality merchandise that exceeds our customers' highest expectations. There occasionally may be slight variations in the color and size of some of our merchandise due to the fact that each product is made by hand. But generally speaking you will find remarkable consistency in our products.

Top Knobs

Top Knobs is one of the most recognized craftsmen of cabinet hardware because of the skilled and detailed manufacture of knobs. Using traditional styles and techniques paired with modern methods, the cabinet hardware produced is valued for its quality and aesthetic. When it comes to hardware and the implements that are used to adorn them, its all about the small details that really complete a look and bring a room together, and Top Knobs understands this. Each piece in the extensive collection is given the utmost attention to size, usability and design.

Top Knobs cabinet hardware is created with every design style in mind, producing pieces that can be used in just about every situation. An extensive number of choices is not the only benefit, but its the number of design available in each style collection that really makes the difference for anyone that is really trying to customize the look of their cabinets. With so many options the tedious task of finding the ideal piece that you might already have in mind is made easier. Whether the hardware is going to be matched or chosen to stand out, these quality pieces will make all the difference in creating the kitchen imagined.

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Houston, Tx

Great website. Selections, awesome.

Park, Maxwell
Calabasas, Ca

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Simpler, Dana
Laurel, Md

You site was easy to use. I liked the tips in your search field that let me refine the number of items to view.

King, Anne
Raleigh, Nc

Found exact handles I was looking for to match my existing kitchen hardware. Thank you, Mike Rutishauser

Rutishauser, Michael
South Elgin, Il

Thank you for having specifications on your website so we didn't have to browse through the whole catalog to see what we wanted.

Sherry, Gregory
Grand Junction, Co

Thanks for the easy set up for ordering. This is a reorder as I need to send back first order. The picture was deceiving and I thought knob was a different color. However I need my new knobs to open cupboards, so want to get process going. I appreciate your help.

Bulduc, Gary
Old Town, Me

I ordered hardware from your company a couple of months ago and was pleased with the service and the overall experience.

Taylor, Laurene E.
Spokane, Wa

Holton, William
Chapel Hill, Nc

Returns and reorders seem cumbersome. Hard to reach someone to let them know that exchanging merchandise. Dixie did call me back after I called twice and was very nice.

Scott, Leisa
Brecksville, Oh

Found exactly what I needed and checkout was a breeze.

Miller, Denise
Coshocton, Oh

Glad you have for me an affordable product that allows me to enhance the looks of my kitchen. I will return as I increase the cabinetry I will need more of your products. Thanx

Rosario, Maria
Levittown, Pa

great site had just what I needed Kau woodworks

Shelley, Duane
Naalehu, Hi

It was easy to go through

Kleemeier, Dorothy
Houston, Tx

Shopping and checkout was easy and I highly recommend this site for anyone who is looking to replace or add cabinet hardware. I was looking to replace two pulls on a table I had purchased recently and found exactly what I was looking for!

Santo, Delana
Pittsboro, In

Thanks so much for the free shipping. I only needed two more pulls to complete our project and hated to pay more in shipping than product. I will come back to your site for our next project!

Sorenson, Cindie
Chico, Ca

Great selection--fantastic prices--great website because all merchandise is pictured large--easy checkout

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I found your website to be extremely unwieldy and disorganized, and stuck around to make a purchase only because your inventory is so huge.

Jakubs, Linda
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thanks for streamlining the checkout. Your search function is also great. this site was easy to find what I wanted, and easy to browse to things i might want.

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