What To Do With Old Cabinet Hardware

old cabinet hardware drawer pull vintage wine stopper

So you’re going to modernize the cabinet hardware in your kitchen or bathroom and you might be wondering what to do with the old knobs and pulls?  Don’t just throw them away!  Simply reuse, recycle and restore!  You can make lasting memories with old bath or kitchen knobs and pulls by using them to make wine stoppers, envelope openers, decorative coat hangers and lots more!  Check out the Innovative Designs by Steven Dexter and Marc Goodwinand be inspired by their work.  It’s simply beautiful!  Innovative Design’s from Boise, Idaho creates vintage treasures with old knobs and pulls … and from the looks of their business they are doing quite well with it too. :-)

Think about being creative with your old cabinet hardware.  You can use them to spruce up old cabinets, keepsake boxes, decorative garden art and so much more.  Another idea is to donate your hardware to your local Rescue Mission or ReStore supporting Habitat for Humanity.  It’s a super cool and better yet, you can feel good about your good deed.  Share your ideas with us on facebook.  Plus you can find vintage replicated knobs and pulls online atSimply Knobs and Pulls.com.


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