SKP featured on Give your cabinets a new look with new hardware

Here’s a great article from where the Hafele Copper Patina knob and pull was featured.

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Make over your mudroom

Here’s a great article from where the Hafele Oil Rubbed Bronze Decorative Hook was featured.
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Design Details: Make the Most of Your Cabinet Pulls

Kitchen designs, bathroom designs, and more ∨

Before starting a bathroom remodel, search for bathroom ideas and interesting products, including a one-of-a-kind tub, vanity and bathroom sink.
For small bathroom ideas, browse photos of space-saving bathroom vanities and clever hidden recessed medicine cabinets.
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A Bakers Kitchen

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Before you throw your next party, browse a wide selection of bar glassware, kitchen glassware and serveware sets.
As you revamp your house, browse photos for inspiration on everything from fireplace mantels to crown molding and wainscoting.
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How to Get a New Look by Simply Changing Your Cabinet Hardware

berenson cup pullsAre you tired of looking at the same old kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but can’t afford to remodel? You don’t have to change the entire cabinet to get a brand new look. You’ll be amazed how different you can make your cabinets and drawers look in just a few hours by simply changing your cabinet hardware. You really don’t have to spend a fortune and go through all the hassle of installing new cabinets to get a new look. New cabinet door and drawer pulls will cost you a fraction of what new cabinets would and it’s a much quicker way to improve the look of your kitchen or bath.

Even if your cabinets are a little outdated you can get a brand new look by changing from knob type cabinet door and drawer pulls to newer more decorative cup pulls for your cabinets and drawers. The new cabinet hardware will draw people’s attention to the newer brighter and more interesting cup pulls and away from the outdated cabinet doors and drawer pulls that have begun to dull. It works the same way if you already have cup pulls on cabinets and drawers.

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Beautify your home with new bail pulls

bail pullsAre you ready to add some extra style to the doors and cabinets in your home? Or maybe you are missing some pulls and need to get some new ones. This is as easy as replacing the old hardware and putting in new cabinet hardware. There are many styles and colors on the market to choose from.
Oil rubbed Bronze is a great one for someone that wants their kitchen to take on a traditional look. There are many styles of knobs and handles available and will look great anywhere in the home. The oil rubbed Bronze hardware looks great in any room of the home.
If one wants the antique look they might wish to check out the antique bail pulls. These are available in different sizes and styles. There is the swan neck, Chippendale, flower and many other patterns available. Bail pulls can replace old or missing pulls on dressers as well as other pieces of furniture or cabinets. Cabinet hardware is an item that most people don’t think about. By changing the cabinet hardware in your kitchen or bathroom will make a huge difference in the way a room looks. It doesn’t take long to replace the hardware and one will be pleased in the transformation of a room. One can do this project themselves or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

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Making Something New Out Of Something Old with Bar Pulls

amerock bar pullsGiving new life to faded furniture in an old room is a joy for most people. Especially, if the furniture is yours. That’s why attractive bar pulls can be mounted in virtually any room in the house to make that room look better. It is all about whether you are trying to produce a certain style or not. You can’t break your neck hunting all the time for certain period-setting furniture or grand ideas for redecorating a room. What can change the whole look of your room is cabinet hardware.


Using cabinet hardware, one can create the effects that are desired and create a kitchen you have always wanted. It can be a 1970s retro look, an entertainment room, a contemporary living room, it is the bar pulls that can make the look even better.
When choosing the right hardware for your kitchen cabinets, there are a few considerations that you should make. First, you will need to decide if you want to have your kitchen looking traditional or full of antiques. Secondly, determine what kind of hardware that you want in the kitchen. Some examples of hardware that are popular include antique finish, copper, pewter and silver. Thirdly, you should decide on what type of accenting to go in your kitchen that compliments the appliances. Cabinet drawer pulls provide you with the same function as doorknobs do. Drawer pulls have a better look than traditional door knobs and that is why many people are choosing pulls. The pulls are easy to set up, requiring a minimum of two screws. Whatever cabinet hardware you choose, remember that pulls can have a lasting effect that gives the room a whole new look

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Finger Pulls Offer A Welcome Change

Finger PullsFor many homeowners, major or minor renovation begins in the kitchen or bath. When considering the project as a whole, it’s often the subtle touches that will make a particular remodel stand out. This also holds true for new construction and the design elements that add that special, personal touch. Cabinet hardware is one of those elements.

Drawer pulls and other cabinet hardware are often taken for granted. With the proper selection however, the right hardware can add a significant contribution to any kitchen or bath design. Drawer pulls can come in an almost limitless variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Hardware may range from bold to subtle, and anything in between. Finger pulls offer a unique touch that creates a simple but elegant look to any cabinet or drawer.Finger pulls are just as the name describes. This cabinet hardware is just the right size and shape to accommodate one or two fingers in order to open the drawer or cabinet door. The shapes and configurations available offer homeowners and designers an almost endless selection of product to choose from, and from chrome, to bronze, to stainless steel, the finishes are equally as abundant.The finger pull strays a bit from traditional hardware design and offers a subtle touch that helps to set any kitchen or bath apart from the norm.

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Appliance Pulls to Make Your Kitchen Unique!

appliance pullsAppliance pulls, much like drawer pulls, are the handles that make it possible for you to easily open doors and cabinets to get at what’s inside. Whether it’s your refrigerator or your stove, your drawers or your cabinets though, it’s important to have the right hardware; otherwise you’re just going to have to deal with a drab, dull kitchen that looks completely standard issue. That’s why you should always make sure to get the best, and the most unique, cabinet hardware that you can get your hands on.

Style and Functionality

You never really notice how much character your appliance pulls and drawer pulls lend to a room until you change them up. It’s like how just one, minor change to your wardrobe can turn it into a whole new outfit when you look in the mirror! For instance, if you replaced the smooth edged, faded chrome pulls with burnished, intricately wound brass, they would suddenly pop right out to both your eyes, and the eyes of any guests. It’s a small thing, but that small thing can add a lot to the room.

In addition to looks though, the right cabinet hardware can also prove to be very functional. All you need, sometimes, is that extra wide pull so that you don’t have to cram your fingers into the gap, or so that the pull won’t dig into your hand. Once you have that, your kitchen is both beautiful and functional in ways it simply wasn’t before.

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Different Finishes for Cabinet Hardware

cabinet hardware finishesUpdating the kitchen of your home can be done by completing a full remodel or by replacing the hardware that is on the cabinets. Hardware for kitchen cabinets includes knobs and pulls. These are used on both the doors and drawers of your cabinets. The hardware will be used as an accent to finish any type of kitchen update or remodel.

Choosing new cabinet hardware will include selecting a specific type of finish. Finishes you may want to select for your cabinets include chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. You will also need to decide on a specific style. The style of hardware is a factor based on the theme for your kitchen.

You can choose to replace contemporary knobs and pulls with hardware that has a modern feel. Another option is to go with the latest trend. The choice of hardware and finish for the cabinets should complement the look you want for your kitchen.

If you want a traditional look for your kitchen, then an oil rubbed bronze or a satin nickel finish is a good choice. A chrome finish is a great choice for any modern or contemporary kitchen design. Search for hardware finishes that will provide you the best results for your kitchen update.

Knobs and pulls are attached to your cabinets with a screw. A back plate is often used to secure a screw used with knobs and pulls. You can find examples of different types of hardware at that will match any kitchen design.

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